Pinot Grigio and Malbec



Hello All!

Well our weekend is jam packed and every day and night has been since maybe Christmas so far. This is incidentally when two batches of wine were started, and then aged extra long because the time to bottle them never came (accidental bulk ageing). This should make the wine taste better.

The first wine I had a hand in making was a Niagara┬áMist Strawberry White Zinfandel… OMG it was so sweet I don’t know if that will ever be made again. Anyway here are some photos of the second and third batches of wine I helped make ­čÖé An┬áUltimate Estate Reserve Malbec, and Wine Kitz Traditional Vintage Pinot Grigio.



The tops being sealed on.


Labeled and all pretty.


Almost all done, all the Malbec in the back and half of the Pinot Grigio in the yellow bins on the floor.


All done!

Can’t wait to have a glass!