I am sure not many people ever say happy Sunday! But this post is titled Happy Sunday because I was on call this weekend and thus when I wake up to go to work tomorrow I am looking forward to not being on call next weekend.

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning up the apartment, putting a bag together of clothes we have that don’t wear and cleaning every surface here. I just got so sick of waking up to a mess and an on call weekend is always an excuse to be productive at home.

Today I cleaned a little more, and baked and baked, and made a salad for my lunches this week.

Asian Salad


I left out the red onion and cilantro and add the peanuts the first time I made it I just don’t have any right now so that is why they are not there. It is really good with some steak, chicken or shrimp or even all alone I just eat it up!

While cleaning I discovered that I have 6 bananas in the freezer for god knows how long so I took them out this morning determined to make something other than the regular old banana bread or muffins I usually make with them. I cam up with Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip cookies, and Coconut Banana Bread, pinterest can be a wonderful thing 🙂

The first thing I made was the Coconut Banana Bread, I haven’t cut it yet but it looks yummy.


I used coconut Greek yogurt because I had some in the fridge, almond milk instead of skim and added a very small amount of dark chocolate chips for a little sweetness. Crossing my fingers it is good 🙂

Then came the yummy semi healthy cookies.

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies



The difference in this recipe is that I used two small bananas, forgot the white sugar, added 1/2 cup of ground flax, and an extra cup of ww flour the batter was way to runny for my taste so I just experimented until it got to a consistency that I like.

These I have tasted….and they are very yummy 😀 on the list to make again for sure.


Miss you!