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Well as I was poking around the internet looking for a yummy healthy snack I stumbled upon Chocolate Lovers Protein Granola from the Dashing Dish. It looked like a small healthy indulgence. So off I went to the Bulk Barn to pick up the oatmeal because I was all out, and some carob chips because there is no chocolate in the house.


These are the ingredients I used minus the peanut butter, carob chips and honey



Just as it first went into the oven.


After 30 min in the oven.


All packaged up and ready to snack.

I think I needed to add some more egg whites because it didn’t clump up like on the website, and I ended up with 21 servings of what was supposed to be 12 but at least that made the calories per serving less… I think I will end up just putting it on top of some greek yogurt to up the protein and make it a little yummier.