There is this picture that a Williston friend pinned on Pinterest that looked interesting and tasty. It was this:

I substituted Chickpeas for Green Beans because I don’t particularly like them, and added some extra tomato paste because I had some left over from Chicken Tikka(Also awesome!) that I had made two days ago. Also I used an entire large onion and an entire green pepper along with a small hot pepper and I skipped the beer because I didn’t have any on hand. I didn’t add any additional heat because it was a huge pot and I wanted other people to be able to eat it as I like my food pretty spicy. I added Hot pepper flakes, and a little cheese on top of my first mug that I had to taste it and I was hooked this is so yummy. The seasoning mix just makes this amazing chili. I also have Tostitos, sour cream, and mini saltines to top off the chili.

Now go make your own! So good! Enjoy! 🙂