About a week ago I got my matches for the Cookie Swap… and I have to say I am intimidated by these amazing blog. Mainly because I have slacked on mine for so long (about a year) and I do honestly feel bad about that, and because these 3 people look like full time amazing bloggers I am afraid they were sad when they looked at my blog and saw that it was not up to par with theirs. I know that the cookies I make are loved by many and I am still working on the perfect way to package them so I am just hoping they are enjoyed by the 3 wonderful ladies that are going to receive them and share them with their loved ones.

If you are waiting in anticipation for the blog with these cookies, it will be posted on the 12th of December as per the guidelines of the cookie swap. I will be putting a small twist on how I regularly make them, and hopefully have some photos of the to go packages (I may make one for my family as well) I wish I was home or near a craft store as I am usually creative with my cookie gift giving packages as I give them every year to friends. I am taking a trip to Minot tomorrow so hopefully I can pick up some inexpensive and creative items to make my cookie packages more attractive 🙂

What is coming in december:

My Cookies Swap Cookies (not to be revealed until the 12th)

Ginger Bread Men (I LOVE gingerbread)

Spiced Nuts (No recipe -family secret)

New Christmas Cookie (Maybe a shortbread, I am always looking for a perfect shortbread as I am yet to find one that I am proud of)

Hoe you all Tune in in December!

**(from the 8-17th I will be away from the computer for the most part as I am going home to visit my friends and family for an early Christmas)