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As most of you know I am taking part in an awesome cookie exchange, but I have no idea what kind of cookie to make. Every Christmas I make gingerbread, melting moments, sugar cookies, shortbread, peppermint bark..and usually some random cookie I found online that looks tasty. This leaves me with too much choice…If I make gingerbread’s is that too generic? i love them so much….or the melting moments, I do only need to make 3 dozen and they are a little on the tiny side of a cookie but oh so good. Most of my readers have had my Christmas cookies either as a present or at a family gathering. What is your choice of what I should make?

Here is a Photo of Melting Moments. I cannot believe that I have no photos of cookie boxes or ginger bread cookies or anything from past Christmases…I guess I was so busy that I mustn’t have taken any 😦

Some Christmas love 🙂

My Mini tree from two years ago, I wish I still had it then I’d have a tree to place inside of the apartment.My Parent’s Christmas tree from two years ago, I always love it! All of our old and new ornaments just look so pretty.

Allie! My beautiful cat hiding under the tree. she doesn’t climb it or anything so she isn’t a bad cat in that regard, she just likes to hide there.

Send me some suggestions, cookies I’ve made before; which ones? or a new cookie; which one?