As I could not have a good pumpkin living on the second floor of an apartment, I got a mini pumpkin 🙂 isnt he cute! 🙂

There is an awesome house here I tried to get good photos of but I couldn’t get out and take a good photo of it like I wanted to. so here are some bad shots 😦 but I may try again tomorrow morning on the way to the gym.

I did not have any trick or treaters, but I were prepared because there are a fair number of children in the apartment. I guess their parents must have taken them out to the city and to the houses around the apartment…more candy for me and my roommate.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween! On to the real holiday! Christmas! my utmost favorite time of year, I have no idea why but I just LOVE Christmas so much, Christmas movies starting tomorrow! so pumped! 🙂