Well I was at the supermarket on Sunday picking up the ingredients for the peanut butter banana cream pie, and items to bbq for fathers day I notice that lobsters were on sale. Having had Cantonese Lobster before I wanted to try my hand at making it myself. In attempt to recreate this recipe, a very bad attempt I might add, the lobsters were boiled, and cooked the pork with green onions, regular onions and garlic. Then added 4 eggs scrambled to some additional green onions and garlic and added that to the pork, and finally added them to the two 1-1/5 pound lobsters. The final product being cooked in a double boiler.

Cantonese Lobster

Here are the lobsters


green onions

regular onions

garlic minced

ground pork

2 1-1.5 lb lobsters

4 eggs

chicken stock

4 eggs, some green onion and more garlic


1. Cook pork in pan add desired spices

ground pork cooked with onions and garlic

2.Boil lobsters, if you have a pot that fits both boil for approximately 12 minutes then chop into pieces cut the tail in half and crack the shells of the claws to make it easier for eating later on.

The first lobster I ever cooked!

Chopped up pieces of lobster

3. Crack the 4 eggs into a bowl add chicken stock and wisk

4. Add the egg mixture to the pork mixture then set up a double boiler for cooking the entire mixture.

It does not look very appetizing but it was delicious!

5. Add the pork and egg mixture to the lobster pieces and cook until all of the egg is cooked…. this is around where I noticed that I was failing as the egg mixture did not get all fluffy and large, all mine just did nothing but cook. It tasted wonderful but didn’t look the same.

6. Serve with rice or whatever side you would like I suppose.

My first lobster experience, well second eating first cooking. You would think that being from Newfoundland I would have had it long ago but my parents never bought it or cooked it at home. Now I know how 🙂